Public Wifi


POS Logix have adopted the Ubiquiti UniFi wireless system as the designated route to achieving a fully managed Wireless Network environment for businesses. Ubiquiti offer a wide range of wireless and network infrastructure hardware that is coupled with the UniFi management software. The management software has many features that make the system very flexible and cost effective.

Internet Access points give your Customers and Staff access to Wifi, it can be set to open or you can give it a password that changes each day that you can give out to customers. When someone attemps to access the internet via wifi a welcome page will come up that can be customised with company branding and any policies you wish the customer to accept.

Site Survey

There are several Access Points available with each having differing characteristics. We will recommend the most suited access point for the application as part of a wireless survey.

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UniFi Management Software Highlights

  • Provide public access without compromising security
  • Manage the entire system from a single web based dashboard
  • View the status of all Access Points
  • Reboot, upgrade and get alerts for all devices
  • Limit individual users bandwidth to provide a consistent service to all
  • Limit the amount of data that can be transferred within a set time period
  • Provide a company branded welcome page for guests
  • Grant access using a ticket code or reservation number
  • Bandwidth usage and reporting
  • View connected users, signal strength and congested areas
  • Multiple SSID’s allow staff access without limitations
  • Provide Ethernet cable access to guests
  • Integration API for other systems including POS Logix Sales Terminal

  • Network Infrastructure Requirements

  • Ethernet connection to each access point
  • Power to access points is delivered via ethernet cable (PoE)
  • Windows server for UniFi management software or cloud based

  • Integration with POS Logix Sales Terminal

  • Seamless integration with POS Logix Sales Terminal
  • Automatic printing of wifi accesscodes on the till receipt
  • Manually print wifi access codes on your till receipts ensuring that only your customers can use your internet access
  • Sell wifi access or upgrades to your standard 'free' wifi offering
  • You can create products that have different upload/download limits and minimum/maximum speeds allowing you to charge more for a premium service
  • Access codes can automatically expire after a set period of time or data transfer limit

  • Company Branded Portal Page

    PC/Laptop/Tablet (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Webkit)

    love stitch welcome page
    hotel & spa welcome page

    Mobile Devices



    We offer a full system design and installation service that includes a wireless site survey.
    A wireless site survey allows us to ensure Wireless Access points are installed in the correct locations to ensure wireless coverage throughout your premises.

    Wireless network infrastructure installation

    Installation of a ceiling mounted Ubiquiti UAP-AC

    Wireless Access Point installation