Back Office Management


The POS Logix Back Office is a powerful cloud based application that allows you to manage all aspects of your EPOS terminals and Websites.
The Back Office works much like Online Banking where you can access your information securely from anywhere using a web browser.

Browser Support

Supported on all leading browsers


The User and Role Management screen allows you to manage the individual access accounts for each of your staff members. You can then assign access rights to these users so you can control who has access to what.

It is possible to group users together into 'Roles', making it easier to manage access rights across multiple users. There are more than 70 individual access rights that can be either enabled or disabled against a Role.

Alternate Text User & Role Management
Alternate Text Edit User Details


Organise your products into a category structure making it quick and easy for staff to locate them.
Categories appear on your EPOS terminal and optionally on your website.

  • Add/Edit/Delete products
  • Change pricing
  • Change product list order
  • Customise Product/Category button appearance
  • Move, Copy or Replicate Products into other Categories
  • Alter Product stock levels and Ingredients
  • Print Product Labels
  • Batch Edit multiple Products at once
  • Assign Photos to Products

  • Product & Category Management
    Add New Product


    The Back Office software features an in-depth reporting facility, giving you access to the data you need in just a few clicks.
    The Reports can be run against data gathered from your EPOS Sales Terminals or E-Commerce system.
    Reports can be viewed in your browser or can also be exported CSV and Excel XLS files.

    Product Reports

    Products without Sale price

    This report is useful for quickly identifying any products that have a missing or zero sales price

    Products without Cost price

    This report allows you to quickly tune up your product records by identifying missing Cost Price values

    Products on Promotion

    This report lists the products that are currently flagged for promotion

    Full product listing

    This report shows all the products, grouped by category and has an empty tally column making it a useful list to work through when checking your inventory

    Product types

    This report is a quick way of viewing all products types, it is a quick way of checking if your products have been categorised correctly

    Stock Reports

    Stock value by category

    This report shows the value of your current stock based on your stock levels

    Product due for re-order

    This report shows all the products due for re-order, based on low stock trigger levels

    Stock Take

    This report ideal when running a manual stock take, it shows a full list of all products (organised by category), the current stock level and an empty column allowing you to make a note of the actual stock reading

    Staff Reports


    This reports your company Time & Attendance information for all staff members if the timesheets module is enabled

    Commission Earned

    This shows the sales commission earned by each member of staff during a set period of time

    Customer Reports

    List of customers

    This report is an exportable list of all customer records held within the system

    List of customers with marketing opt-in

    Same as above, but only includes customers who have not opted out of marketing

    Customer Credit Account Status

    This report shows the current Credit and Debit account status of each customer

    Statistics Reports

    Order duration analysis

    This report gives you a percentage breakdown of order duration from start to finish

    Sales Statistics

    This report is an analysis of the number of customers, average sale value, minumum/maximum sale value and discounts for each outlet

    Store Reports

    Daily Wastage Analysis

    This report provides and indepth analysis of Wastage vs. items delivered, items sold and sell out time at a particular outlet, or all outlets for a given date range

    End of Day Reports

    View/Print Z Reports

    This report allows you to view on screen and print Z Report onto A4

    Export Z Report Data

    This report allows you to export all values from each Z Report as CSV file for custom data manipulation or manual import into other systems

    Sales Reports

    Pre-Sale Voids for Time Period

    This report shows details of any items removed from orders prior to sale completion and reasoning

    Product Sales by Month

    This report is a monthly breakdown of your product sales for a given time period

    Product Sales by Day

    This report is a daily breakdown of your product sales for a given time period

    Product Sales by Category

    This report shows a list of all products sold, grouped by category

    Product Sales by Time of Day

    This useful report provides an analysis of the busiest times by grouping the number of sales into timeslots

    Staff Sales Performance

    This report provides a view of each staff member's sales performance

    Product Sales for Time Period

    This report provides an indepth view of the products you have sold between two date/time periods. A wide range of filters can be applied

    Financial Reports


    This report shows all expense amounts removed from the Till drawer


    This report shows the cumulative value of discounts that have been given to customers for a given date range


    This report shows the cumulative value of refunds that have been given to customers for a given date range

    Partial Refunds for Time Period

    This report lists all partially refunded products for a given time period

    Profit and Losses

    This report shows an analysis of profit and losses for each product

    Weekly VAT report

    This report provides an analysis of your weekly VAT liability

    Weekly cash sheet

    This report provides a quick view of your weekly financials

    Accountant's report

    This report combines all of the information required by your Accountant to submit your tax return


    This report shows all vouchers that have been issued including redemption status


    This shows the amount of products that have been submitted as Wastage at a particular outlets, or all outlets for a set date/time range

    Cloud Features


    Users and Roles

    You can create and manage staff user accounts across your entire organisation from one central list. You are also able to configure how much access users have by assigning them to specific Role groups.


    The system holds one central database of your customers across all outlets and websites. Using the Back Office you can view and make amendments to these records.


    You can see Timesheets for each member of staff, enabling you to keep track of how many hours they have worked at each outlet.

    Voucher Schemes

    Configure the system to print out information vouchers for customers, such as informing them of an upcoming offer or invitation to an event.


    The system has a central database of suppliers, this screen allows you to manage your approved supplier records across your entire organisation.

    Conditional Offers

    Conditional offers can be configured to provide an automatic discount when one or more items are added to an order, such as a meal deal offer. Using this screen you can configure the rules that ultimately result in the offer being applied. For more information click here.


    Product and Category Management

    This screen puts you in complete control of the Products that you sell at all of your retail outlets. You can add and maintain your product information from one central place and also configure different prices for each of your outlets individually. Products can be categorised into different categories making them easy for your staff and customers to find.

    Product Excel Import Tools

    This useful facility helps you get up and running quickly by importing all of your products at once from an Excel file.

    Scheduled Product Updates

    Create batches of products that are due to be updated and apply all of your changes at a set date and time. This is particularly useful for mass updating product prices.


    View Orders

    Using this screen you can see orders being placed at your outlets in realtime as they synchronise into the Back Office from all of your outlets.

    Sales Receipts

    Sales receipts can be located and printed out on A4 paper

    Supplier Orders

    Here you can place new orders for your Suppliers and track the delivery of the order. Once the delivery arrives all items on the order are added into stock.
    Click here for more information.